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  Statement of Problem


Fire protection equipment, like all other equipment, deteriorates with time. It is also vulnerable to external influences such as corrosive environments, tampering, accidental damage, and careless use. Further, since fire protection equipment is used infrequently, it must be inspected and tested regularly to prove its reliability and operability. It is far better to detect an unsatisfactory condition prior to an emergency than it is to discover it during the emergency.



A fire protection equipment inspection is intended to determine equipment operability and should be performed as outlined in this section. In order to set up an effective program, management shall:

  1. Appoint a qualified individual to monitor the program and report to management.
  2. Select and train individuals with appropriate mechanical aptitude to conduct the inspections and tests of fire protection equipment.
  3. Initiate a complete survey of the facility's fire protection equipment for the purpose of developing a customized inspection report form. Establish effective procedures for reviewing the inspection reports.
  4. Initiate prompt action to correct any noted deficiencies.
  5. Establish contacts with sprinkler contractors for periodic testing and emergency maintenance of fire protection equipment.


We will supply, install & provide preventative maintenance of fire safety equipment, keep documented records of our services performed and assure you the highest quality of service from our qualified technicians.

We cover a broad range of products and services which include

  • Installations and supply of fire extinguishers, Fire hoses and fire Hydrants
  • Extinguisher repairs, pressure test, refills and identify requirements
  • Supply and install emergency lighting, with ongoing servicing
  • Supply Fire Blankets & Fire Pillows
  • Service fire hoses, Fire Reels and Hydrants
  • Test, Service and Install Sprinkler Systems
  • Electric / Diesel Hydrant Pump Testing
  • Flow Test Hydrants & hose reels
  • Supply, Test and Install Smoke and Heat detectors, models available for the visually and hearing impaired.
  • Assess Paths of Travel
  • Supply fire and safety signage
  • Provide Certification and Conduct Fire Building Audits
  • Emergency Call Outs
  • First Aid Kits
  • Block Plans

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