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Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets AS 2444

Australian Standard 1851 requires, fire extinguishers to be tested and tagged every six (6) months. Water and foam fire extinguishers need to be refilled every 12 months. All other fire extinguishers need to be refilled and pressure tested every 5 years.

Australian Standard AS2444 requires fire extinguishers to be located approximately every 30m in your premises they must be correctly labelled and have appropriate signage.

Fire Hose Reels AS 2441

Australian Standard AS1851 requires that fire hose reels are tested every 6 months.  These tests are usually carried out alongside fire extinguisher tests. Fire hose reels are usually 36m in length and can cover a distance of approximately 40m from its mounted location.

Emergency and Exit Lighting AS 2293.1

Australian Standard AS2293.1 requires that your emergency and exit lights are tested every 6 months. This is usually carried out with your fire extinguisher testing and other fire safety equipment that is present on location.

Emergency and Exit lighting is placed in areas to illuminate the path of egress to exit doors and designated travel, services are compulsory to ensure during power shortages an in case of fire, that these fittings will not fail.

Hydrants AS 2419

Australian Standard AS1851 requires that Fire Hydrants must be tested every 6 months.  This is usually carried out with your fire extinguisher testing and other fire safety equipment.

Clause 7.11 indicates where a booster is installed a block plan of minimum A3 size shall be fixed within the cabinet, enclosure, recess, fire control room & pump room where it can be readily seen.

Fire Doors AS 1905

Australian Standard AS1851 requires that fire doors are tested annually. AS1905.1 requires that fire doors must close automatically. They must have a Fire Resistant Level (FRL) tag, it states NO deadbolts are to be installed on fire safe doors and all gaps around the perimeter of the door must be compliant with the make of door.

  Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors AS3786, AS 1670.1

Australian Standard AS1851 requires that smoke alarms are tested yearly.  They are usually tested when the fire doors are being tested to minimise disruption to the tenant or owner. Every house, home and unit is required to have the recommended number of smoke alarms installed. Smoke alarms should be located on every level of your home. The battery in each smoke alarm should be replaced every year. Smoke detectors that require a 10 year battery must be replaced before the battery period expires on applicable detectors and to be serviced annually.

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